A flood may have taken this woman's car, but there's no way it was going to take her.

Watch this woman in Port de Sagunt, Spain climb onto the roof of her car as the vehicle is overtaken by the high water that envelops her piece of machinery. She calmly wiggles through the passenger side window -- taking a few bags with her -- and slithers onto the roof while the car continues to sink, a sort of modern-day Titanic with a much happier ending.

Eventually, she's forced to stand on the roof while she waits for firefighters to come to her aid. There's no sound, but the woman appears to be remarkably calm, save a few seconds around 45-second mark where she may be slightly exasperated by what's going on.

The woman may no longer have a car, but she should look at the bright side: she's probably really good at Twister.

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