It was another awesome week of Working Women's Wednesday this week! If you missed out here is what crazy shenanigans we got in to!

We had an amazing time this week at Working Women's Wednesday! We had Aaron from Blaine's Pub cooking and he had a taco bar for all of us and let me tell you, he is a great cook! We also played those table games that you know and love; quarters and find the joker.


We also had three of our favorite local guys: Haden Burchard, Kramer Labarge and Judson Cole play an acoustic song swap and let me tell you these guys can sing! They played a lot of originals as well as some great covers. If you haven't seen a show of any of these guys, you are missing out! We ended up giving away five great CD's including JB and the Moonshine Band, Aaron Einehouse, and a few others. We also gave away: $5, $10, $15, $20 and $25 cash money prizes at the end of the night! If you have never joined us for a Working Women's Wednesday, you are missing out! We always have a blast and you can never complain about good food, cash money and $1 Margaritas and $2 Long necks from 7AM-9PM! Come see us next week and see what fun you've been missing out on!

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