Working Women's Wednesday was crazy fun last night at Blaine's Pub! If you didn't get to join us this week read more to see what you missed!


We had a blast at Working Women's Wednesday last night! We definitely had one for the books last night! If you missed out on last night's festivities you missed a good one! We had a few of the boys from Callahan Divide come out and play one awesome show! They have a single out on Kickin' that is called "Party On The River." And it's a pretty dang good tune. It is definitely a summer song and it talks about all things summer! We also had some awesome sausage, BBQ and cheesy potatoes that Blaine's Pub made for us! It was so good! We gave away some awesome CD's and we played those table games that you love so much like quarters and find the joker. We also gave away a TON of money! We gave away a $15, $20, $25 and a grand prize of $30!

If you have never been to Working Women's Wednesday, you need to join us! We have $1 Margaritas and $2 longnecks from 7AM-9PM and we always have food catered, cash money and Texas country swag to give away! Come join us! We have Working Women's Wednesday every Wednesday at Blaine's Pub from 6-8!

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