Last week was awesome for Working Women's Wednesday because I must tell you it is ALWAYS a blast. Check this out!


Blaine's Pub is where you need to be at on Wednesday's for your hump day. Why might you ask? Because it is Working Women's Wednesday every week! We have so much fun. I have been going for over a year now and I last week was so much fun. We had Zack McGinn from Dolly Shine come and play us some tunes acoustic as well as we had a few more get up there and join him! Miss Katelyn Robertson and Kramer Labarge went up and sang a couple of themselves. All three of these artists are amazing and you definitely need to check them out! Blaine's Pub also had a FISH FRY. My eyes glazed over when I walked in last week. A huge thank-you to them for always taking care of us, and of course making crazy amounts of food to keep this big girl full. :) This week is going to be a blast because we will have Katelyn Robertson taking the stage and her birthday is that day as well! We are also going to have the amazing drink specials $1 Margaritas and $2 Longnecks from 7AM-9PM. Of course we are going to have the table games that you ladies love AND the cash money and CD giveaways! Come join us from 6-8 this Wednesday, heck come early and stay late for your hump day! You deserve it!

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