She may not have gone to a NASCAR race with a dead body but a Michigan woman is under investigation after she was caught keeping the corpse of her 'roommate' in her house for 18 months.


Linda Chase and Charles Zigler lived together while he was alive, and dead.  Authorities found the body of Charles Zigler Friday after being deceased for 18 months in his home.  Linda Chase, the roommate, said they had always watched NASCAR races together and one day he just fell asleep.  Even  though Zigler never woke from his slumber they would continue to watch NASCAR races for another 18 months.  Well, she was watching them.  Chase says Zigler was the only man who had been nice to her and she didn't want to lose the company of her best friend so she kept him cleaned up and also mentioned the body didn't smell.  Somehow I highly doubt the body didn't smell.  That is just disgusting but it gets better.  She also admitted to cashing his Social Security checks and ignored family members who called for Zigler as he did not have a close relationship with his family.  Zigler was 67 or 68 when he passed away sometime around Christmas time of 2010.  Chase will most likely be looking at prison time but hey, at least she didn't eat her roommate.  What is wrong with people these days?

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