According to the Associated Press, Texas lawmakers just passed a House Bill which approves the hunting of feral hogs and coyotes from hot air balloons.

Shooting hogs by helicopter has been legal for a while, but the loud noise tends to scare pigs away. Hunting on the ground has proven to be difficult as well because the hogs are pretty elusive.

Earlier this year, Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller approved the use of a pesticide to lower the state’s feral hog population. That drew mixed reactions from residents, many of whom were concerned over the effect the poison would have on the hog’s ecosystem.

The overpopulation of these hogs has really gotten out of hand and has got to be reduced before it gets even worse. Texas researchers recently reported that more than 2 million hogs occupy 230 of Texas’ 254 counties. And free-roaming hogs can do a lot of damage to local farms and properties.

We'll see how this hot air balloon hunting venture works out!

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