Ah, the English language, suck a tricky little minx. You torment us so, with your silent letters, letters that sound like other letters, and words that do not look like they sound. (yeah, i'm talking to you bologna and colonel)

Now it would be fine if just casual, uncommon words were like that, but cities? CITIES?! People LIVE there. They have to spell it out on every major document until they move to one of the common city names like Franklin which is used in 31 states!

Now, Texas is an amazing state, sure it's hot, but so is that girl who was mean to me in High School, and I REALLY liked her.

But, with a State as big as Texas, with 254 counties and 962 cities, there are bound to be some WEIRD names. And here are the ones that I am certain you cannot pronounce.

  • Boerne
  • Waxahachie
  • Burnet
  • Llano
  • Humble
  • Gruene

Those are the 10 most commonly mispronounced cities in the state. Here's how you ACTUALLY pronounce them.

  • Boerne: is BURR-KNEE, not Born, or BEER-N
Photo: Google
  • Waxahachie is WALKS-uh-hatch-EE, most commonly people say WAX-uh-hatchee
Photo: Google Maps
  • Burnet- it is NOT brr-NET, it's brr-KNIT
photo: google
  • Llano- It is not LAWN-o, it is spanish, and in spanish the ll makes the y sound like in yellow. therefore it is YAWN-o
Credit: Google
  • Humble: okay, this one actually makes me mad because you know they're pronouncing it that way out of spite. It's not Humble, with the H, it's pronounced Umble...
Credit: Google
  • Gruene- Not GROON, not Gree-oon, it's pronounced Green, like the color.
Credit: Google
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