Yes that is correct a Kennedy is coming to San Angelo this week.  To be precise, he's going to be here on Thursday and you can catch up with him at Blaine's Pub.

Drew Kennedy is a songwriter, singer, guitar player, author and husband.  He wears many hats and has done more than most know in his life.  Drew has put out five albums, the newest one 'Fresh Water In A Salton Sea' was released along side a book Drew wrote with the same title.  You'll hear about Drew playing shows throughout Texas and frequenting Blaine's Pub where he is playing this Thursday.  If you haven't seen one of his shows I would strongly suggest checking it out.  Along with playing all his tunes he shares stories, jokes and even the stage sometimes with some of his friends.  The best way to describe his style is in his own words, 'I love music. I love hearing songs that are intelligent, thought provoking, and honest. They give me hope, and those who wrote them inspire me.' Drew Kennedy has musical credits that would surprise most including such artists as Jason Boland, Josh Grider, Patty Loevless, Rob Baird, Jason Eady and Rodney Hayden.  I've had the pleasure of seeing his show and hanging out with him, you won't be disappointed.  Here's one more reason to check out the Drew Kennedy show Thursday night at Blaine's Pub, it's free.

P.S.  Drew has a beard so that makes him even cooler!

-Ben Ryan