We've all seen it happen, one great movie comes out and they just can't help but make multiple sequels.  The first Hangover was greatness but part two I just didn't really enjoy.

Facebook- The Hangover Part III

Back in 2009 I laughed myself silly watching The Hangover and thought that no move could top it in vulgarity or humor.  I was wrong, on the vulgarity part.  I have not been able to sit through the entire Hangover 2.  It's funny just not that funny and I always lose interest.  The Hangover Part III is set to hit theaters May 24th this year.  The previews make it look pretty funny but that's what I said about Hangover 2.  This time it looks like the Wolfpack run around the Southwest, Mexico and of course Las Vegas  all because of Chow.  There are some big names in this one also.  John Goodman and Melissa McCarthy make appearances which makes me want to see it a little more.  It looks better than The Hangover 2 but there's only one way to find out.  What do you think?