It’s a book about the 13-day battle at the Alamo and how it forged a nation.


So I got a package in the mail and, like a little kid on Christmas day, I ripped it open to find a brand new book. Now I must say that normally you won’t find me carrying a book around because there are very few books that interest me and I have a hard time setting down to read.  Now ,with that being cleared up, I have to say this book has taken me by storm just from the cover and the prologue.

James Donovan's book "The Blood of Heroes" is a narrative that takes your through the thirteen days of hardship that were endured at the Battle of the Alamo and how our nation was forged from there. Be looking for future blogs about my readings on this book.

Also check out his book signing at Hastings in San Angelo May 20th at 1pm.