Well we are back with another instalment of the New Music Showdown.  This week we have two artists who have been around for a few years but are storming the music charts with new singles, kicking butt and taking names.

This week we are going back to the roots of country music in the New Music Showdown with Cody Jinks and Randy Brown going head to head.  Listening to both of them you can hear the powerful traditional country influences from writing to playing to their voice.  Both Cody and Randy are from the Dallas/Fort Worth area and have been bringing you song after song of rich Texas Country music.  Randy Brown's current single is called 'Beautiful Wreck' off his album 'High Price Of Low Livin' which is available now on his website or any fine establishment that carries Texas Country.  Cody Jinks & his Tonedeaf Hippies bring their latest single 'We Get By' to the challenge from he new album '30'.  Cody started the album when he was 30 years old and is 32 now so that should tell you how much time, money and effort went into every song on the album.  Both songs are fantastic but there can be only one winner.  Check out both tunes and let me know which one should be the winner of this weeks New Music Showdown.

Cody Jinks & his Tonedeaf Hippies - We Get By


Randy Brown - Beautiful Wreck