This week on the New Music Showdown it's one for the history books.  Two Kickin' Country favorites and friends face off, Rich O'Toole and Mark McKinney.

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This week these two amigos are going head to head in some friendly little competition.  Let's start off with I Love You by Rich O'Toole.  I Love You is a fun little song about everything Rich likes and loves.  Among the things he likes would be Waffle House, Whataburger, taco trucks and bars.  I can dig.  This is one of the songs from the new album I was really hope he'd release and he did.  Take a listen and cast your vote.

In the other corner it's the President himself, Mark McKinney.  Mark always has good time, fun songs that everybody loves.  His new tune Stolen Cash is the second release from the upcoming album and sure to be a hit.  It's a summer love song about friends and pretty girls on the Texas beach.  This one makes me nod my head and tap my foot, good stuff.  It's catchy, fun and another great one from Mark McKinney.  Take a listen and let me know what you think.

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Rich O'Toole - I Love You

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Mark McKinney - Stolen Money