You've heard the new Jaron Bell and we debuted the new Hogg Maulies last Friday.  It's time for these two to go head to head in this week's New Music Showdown.

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This week Lubbock meets Fort Worth for one heck of a competition.  We'll start with the Lubbock based group, the Hogg Maulies.  Rode from the Hogg Maulies came in studio late Friday afternoon to debut their new single, Voodoo Girl, before opening for Six Market Blvd at Midnight Rodeo.  Voodoo Girl is rockin' and bluesy which is a style I really dig.  Take a listen and cast your vote, enjoy.

In the other corner we have Fort Worth based Jaron Bell with his new single Over Again.  Jaron really put it all into this song.  The writing, smooth vocals and musicianship is going to make this a stiff competition.  Over Again will make you tap your foot, get up and move around.  If you haven't heard it yet listen and make your choice below.  Enjoy!

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Hogg Maulies - Voodoo Girl

Jaron Bell - Over Again