Investing in Lake Nasworthy in the middle of one of the largest droughts San Angelo has seen in years.

Flickr-Tamsin Slater

Among the full agenda of the City Council meeting yesterday was a very controversial issue for many folks and that was the passing of a $300,000 "investment" for a developing consultant to look at the Lake Nasworthy district.

WHAT!!! OK, so lets reflect on the current situation of San Angelo, currently we are in Drought Level II and already meeting the criteria for Drought Level III which means the implementing of rigid water conservation rules and regulations due to the fact that the City of San Angelo has less than 12 months of water supply on hand which includes every drop of water currently in the lake.


The development company will be assessing how the city can generate more revenue from the district by bringing in new businesses and ideas for the area. As a concerned citizen and a boat owner I was a bit shocked that this idea was even brought up and that such a large sum of money would be delegated out to such a resource that seems to be a vanishing tourism draw. I will admit that at first I thought this was absolutely insane, to pay a company to tell us that our lake was dry and what we needed to do with it was this and that. But as I reflected on the decision I try to broaden my view on the issue thinking that everyone could possibly benefit from a professional opinion and master plan for the bettering of the area. I hope that the area could see some cleaning of such a neglected area especially in the lake with many hazards now being revealed with the receding water may be we could expect to see some helping hands come together to make our lake a better place in the future for tourism and use for the locals.

Lets hope that the money spent is wisely used and its used for the betterment of a community and not just as a way to bring in business that benefits in their pocket books more than the community benefits from it.