Photo bombing has been popular for a while but has started gaining more popularity nationwide.  I've got some opinions and advice on photo bombing.

Photo Bombing has been since around the camera was created out and the possibilities are endless.  I actually enjoy partaking in a photo bomb from time to time.  There are many types of photo bombing including but not limited to the creepy face, sexy face, surprised look and even on some occasions the duck face made popular by some many ladies on Facebook.  Pulling off a successful photo bomb has it's challenges with a few things to consider.

Whomever is operating the camera can ruin your chances of being successful so it's best to go for a sneak attack.  The sneak attack would be hiding behind the person (or persons) and stealthily moving into frame when the flash begins to shine.  Another approach would be the innocent bystander where you are just off in the distance, maybe not even looking at the camera then notice and strike a pose.  We also can't forget the timeless bombing of the photo that is being taken of you.  This happens when you are posing, smiling like normal but at the last second strike a crazy pose or make a wild face.  Regardless how you photo bomb the lasting memories are well worth it.  Email your best photo bomb with your name to and next week on Tuesday I'll pick the best one, post it on the Facebook and Twitter page.  You'll also pick up a Kickin' Country Prize Pack.