There's a little outfit based out of Stephenville that spends a lot of time in the Concho Valley I was able to catch live in Fort Worth.  I've known them for a while but this was the first live show I've seen and I was impressed!

The boys from Dolly Shine rocked out at NOS Bar in Fort Worth!  You may know them from those tunes 'Pretty Flowers' and 'Drifter's Prayer' played on 103.1 and they've got even more to offer.  They played some tunes from the upcoming album and let me tell you, these guys are going to go far!  They tossed in a nice selection of covers from Lucero, Hayes Carll, Wade Bowen and Thieving Birds as well.  Check out the website for more info and iTunes to pick up the self titled EP, you won't be disappointed.  Matching the musicians of Dolly Shine with the songwriting and vocals makes for a superb final product that will leave you begging for more.  You can expect to hear rockin' riffs on the electric guitar mixed with back to the roots fiddle sawin' for an eclectic performance.  Be sure to check out their show at Blaine's Pub on Friday June 1st.  These guys are a trip to hangout with and put on a fun show.  See you there!
-Ben Ryan