Last week I talked about wanting to see This Is The End, I saw it with some friends yesterday.  It wasn't exactly what I thought but still funny.

Facebook- This Is The End

Watching the previews and trailers I was kind of thinking the group of misfits would be venturing out of Hollywood to find safety.  The majority of the movie takes place in James Franco's house. Regardless of not being what I was expecting it was pretty dang funny.  It's not a movie for youngsters due to the type of humor but that's to be expected with these guys.  They end up fighting a possessed friend, demons and Danny McBride turned cannibal.  Emma Stone makes her mark on them too.  Channing Tatum, Michael Cera and McLovin have some interesting scenes but I'm not getting into those.  Ranked number two in the box office it pulled in roughly $20.5 million so far.  It's a funny movie and even has a Backstreet Boys performance.