48 Texas/Red Dirt bands over a span of just 5 days is a lot to take in but well worth it!


Well boys and girls it’s that time of year again. It's time for the Larry Joe Taylor Texas Music Festival, happening April 24-28! This thing has been going on for 24 years so that should tell you about its awesomeness.  I have attended only 3 years, yet it feels as if it is a part of my yearly schedule of things I must do.  Sure, some people call it a drunk fest or something to that extent but I feel it is something more.  Having friends all around the state of Texas that attends the festival it's also a great chance for me to catch up with old friends ranging from musicians to high school friends to radio friends.


Larry Joe Taylor has constructed one of the best festivals in my opinion and has the numbers to support that opinion.  If you don't think it's all that great you're out of your mind just check out the music line up!

Cooder Graw AND The Great Divide are doing reunion shows not to mention all your favorite heavy hitters in the scene play with the up and comers that you love as well.  Two of the newer groups I'm looking forward to watching would be The Damn Quails and Zac Wilkerson.


I've caught The Damn Quails once here in San Angelo but Zac Wilkerson on the other hand I've only heard his music online.  If you're not planning on attending you are missing out and need to recalibrate your fun compass.  Be there or be square.

Oh yea, there's a chili cook off too.

-Ben Ryan

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