Granger Smith has attracted the notice of Billboard Magazine, who featured an article on this talented Texas & Red Dirt singer/songwriter. Here are 5 things you might have learned:

1. Working with Frank Rogers on a followup for Dirt Road Driveway (2013)

It amazes me so much, and every day I am grateful for the journey that has led me to the place I am now," he says. "Dirt Road Driveway really broke through and we were able to get out in front of amazing crowds in new markets, and people started spreading the every day, I'm thankful for that.

2. Earl Dibbles Jr. is Granger Smith

He says he's amazed that some of his fans don't realize he's both acts. "It happens a lot," he says. "Someone recently tweeted, 'I just figured out that Earl Dibbles is a singer, and his name is Granger Smith.'


3. Graduate from Texas A&M with a degree in History

I absolutely love it," says Smith, a Texas A&M grad. "It's one of the handful of things in my career that isn't music-related, which is sort of strange being an artist. It's surreal, and I love being in that role because I love college football so much. Being a part of CBS and college football is truly a huge honor, and I hope I can continue doing those types of things.

4. Released a YouTube Series titled 'Granger Smith - Yee Yee TV'

How does this alter-ego thing work? We answer all those questions. I think every artist should try to do that. We're planning the next project that focuses on the making of the record. The fans really seem to love it.

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