Red Dirt Pub Crawl 2014 is underway which means my twitter and instagram feeds have been busy reminding me how much cooler @joshabbottband@wcgmusic@BartCrow@rogercreager@BleuEdmondson, and @RichOToole are than me. Here's a few great tweets that give us an inside look at how much fun these guys have together off stage, and how cool being in the top Texas artist club must be.

My roommate is @BleuEdmondson, last night he stayed up till 8am watching BBC and singing songs in my room w/ @BartCrow....I'm tired.

— Rich O'Toole (@RichOToole) December 4, 2014


I just ate a BAD oyster in Ireland. It was free. @RichOToole what do you think? Diarrhea!! #RedDirtPubCrawl2014

— Roger Creager (@rogercreager) December 2, 2014


Open mike night in Dublin

— Michelle Hickox (@txag1989) December 4, 2014


joshabbottband's video

— William Clark Green (@WilliamCGreen) December 3, 2014


Merry Christmas from Ireland.

— Roger Creager (@rogercreager) December 3, 2014


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