You are invited to enjoy the first Ram Jam of the season this Thursday with a FREE concert featuring William Clark Green at the LeGrand Alumni & Visitors Center at 1620 University Ave!

Ram Jam is the place to be before all ASU home football games! Ram Jam is a tradition at Angelo State University, and typical Ram Jams include Live music, Free food and Children’s activities, Giveaways, and as game time nears, the ASU Ram Band, the Angelettes and the cheerleaders perform for the crowd and then lead the group to LeGrand Stadium at 1st Community Credit Union Field.

Everything starts at 12 noon with Tailgate set ups. William Clark Green takes the stage from 4-6 pm followed by the ASU Ram Band, free food, and giveaways. Then at 7pm go support your Rams as Angelo State faces Chadron State.

It's not very often that you get to see a William Clark Green concert for free but this Thursday you do. You'll be hearing some of his biggest songs such as "She Likes The Beatles", "Next Big Thing" "Ringling Road", "Sympathy" and many more!!

William Clark Green has been on the Texas/Red Dirt Music scene for 15 years and has released six albums which have produced a string of hit singles and he's just 35 years old. The singer/songwriter's latest album "Baker Hotel" was released earlier this year.

William Clark Green is currently touring all over the United States and I encourage you to catch him this Thursday along with all of the other fun to be enjoyed with Angelo State's Ram Jam!!

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