For those who grew up in San Angelo, or have lived here for most of their lives, it may be easy to forget that San Angelo really is an amazingly beautiful city, an oasis that offers several unique things to people who may be passing through or newly moved here.

Breathtaking Sunrises and Sunsets and Night Skies

Yeah, we might be in a desert area, but nothing can compare to the sunrises and sunsets that we are treated to all the time. If you've never stopped to watch the sun set over Lake Nasworthy, or the flat plains around the city, then you are missing out. At night we can look up to see millions and millions of twinkling, clear, bright stars. Can you imagine living in a city where all the lights and buildings would block that view?

Lake Nasworthy, Twin Buttes Reservoir,  and O.C. Fisher Reservoir

If you're from San Angelo good chance you've been to Lake Nasworthy or Twin Buttes countless times. But, have you done absolutely everything you can do on them? Have you taken out a boat, gone kayaking, jet-skiing, mudding,  or simply gone fishing?

Bat Watching

Every night during spring and summer time, and even into the fall before it gets too cold, you can watch 100,000 plus bats swarm out from under the Foster Road overpass that crosses the Loop 306. Set that against the twilight sunsets we talked about earlier, and you have yourself a date. Park your vehicle, bring chairs, snacks, and tailgate it for a truly spectacular sight.

The Concho River

Kayaking up and down the Concho River is actually very scenic, and great exercise to boot, if you've never tried. It also has a scenic running/walking path that will taken you past beautiful homes, landscaping, and more. It is also home to some of the most beautiful and unique pink pearls, the Peal of the Conchos, Concho Cruises, and more.

The State Park

The San Angelo State Park is so beautiful in it's own unique way, and people tend to forget about everything it offers. It may not have towering trees, or  green this and green that, but it does offer a stark West Texas beauty. You can camp, picnic, hike and bike trails, hunt, fish, bird and wildlife watch, and is home to so many beautiful species of plants. You can travel back through time with native american rock art, ancient animal tracks, and the buffalo. Not to mention they house the official Texas state longhorn herd.

The 'Arts'

It may not be the first thing you think about, but San Angelo really is big in the 'Arts'. All kinds, actually. We have a symphony, theatre, museum, art walk, blue society, writers club, ballet, market days for local artists and vendors, and even a little opera here and there sometimes. There are downtown festivals, music series, sheep tour, mural tour, historic depot, and many local galleries were local artists display their works.

The San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo

The rodeo comes and goes every year, and we complain about the increase in traffic, but did you know that the San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo is one of the largest rodeos in the nation, and possibly the largest event in West Texas? It brings in so many new people to our town, and some of the best folks in the rodeo.


The history alone of Downtown San Angelo is immensely fascinating. Miss Hattie's used to be a brothel, Eggemeyer's General Store, and the Cactus Hotel. You have the shopping boutiques, eateries, art galleries, antique malls, D'Vine Wine Winery, and more.