Who better to paint us a picture of what to expect this year than Roger Monroe who has not only been the race announcer for all of our Showdown events but has been calling races all over the country for 35 years.

I visited with Roger on the 'Kickin' Wake-Up Call' this morning and we talked about so many aspects of this weekend's drag boat races at Lake Nasworthy.

He gave us an in depth review of just how fast the top fuel hydro boats can go, how many we have racing this year, who is in the lead with standings and so much more. Roger also explained how this years Showdown is dedicated to one of our own in San Angelo.

He also talked about a new class of racing being introduced this year. Finally, he gave us a schedule of events from show and shines, one of which is this evening, to the racing finals on Sunday.

Listen to the interview here for a complete overview and be sure to stop by and say hi as Kickin' Country 103.1 will be broadcasting live and giving away t-shirts, koozies, cds, and more all weekend at the boat races. Don't miss out on all of the fun at the 2015 Showdown in San Angelo Drag Boat Racing.

We'll be giving out the last tickets we have for the races on-air between 8AM and 9AM tomorrow morning, June 26th. Make sure you tune in to 103.1 Kickin' Country.

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