Wild West Fest is bringing you an awesome show this Saturday, July 30th at the River Stage. Whiskey Myers headlines with Muscadine Bloodline and Austin Meade opening the show. I had a chance to interview Austin Meade today!

We talked about a number of things like Austin growing up in Texas, graduating from A&M in 2015 and heading to Austin, TX to pursue his passion for music full time.

It appears to be working out very well as he continues to add to his collection of hit songs and touring with numerous major artist like Whiskey Myers. As a matter of fact he just announced that he will be touring on a number of dates with ZZ Top!!

Austin is a singer/songwriter/musician with a unique blend of Americana, Country, and Blues and he tells us that he is expanding his music into other areas as he releases a number of singles from his forthcoming new album later this year.

Some of his musical influences include artist like: Cody Canada, Ryan Adams, Merle Haggard, John Moreland, and Jonathan Tyler among others.

Meade has a close bond with Cody Canada expressing that Cody took Meade under his wing after Austin handed him a demo tape at a gig in Port Aransas. Since then, Meade’s band has opened for Cody Canada and The Departed on many occasions, and for a while, took a job teaching music at Canada’s School of Rock franchise in New Braunfels.

I enjoyed interviewing Austin Meade and I encourage you to take a moment to listen to it here...

Get your tickets at Stubwire.com, Blair's Western Wear, or at the Riverstage box office! Gates open at 5 music starts at 7. I'll see you at the show!!

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