Wild West Fest eight day music festival gets underway with a FREE Kick-Off Party this Fri, July 29th at Sports Next Level!

It’s FREE to get in and enjoy 3 bands with live music starting at 7 pm on their stage including: Hunter LaCoste at 7 pm, the Cameron Sacky Band at 8:15 and The Damn Quails take the stage at 9 pm!!

Plan on getting there early to start the party with plenty of drink and food specials from the Sports Next Level Grill and Bar.

You can also enjoy playing FREE Cornhole and washer pitchin'.

You can't beat an evening of FREE, FREE, FREE. It's going to be a great time. I'm looking forward to all of the live music and can't wait to see the Damn Quails play. It's been a long time and they are so good!!

Back in June of 2016 The Damn Quails announced that they were taking an indefinite hiatus for various reasons including getting caught up in the implosion of their record label, which had them fighting for the rights to their own songs and even the name “The Damn Quails."

Well not only during this hiatus did they get everything worked out but made their return in a big way by releasing a new album on June 17th, 2022—almost six years to the day that they announced their hiatus. Their new album is called "Clouding Up Your City" and you can bet that you will be hearing some new music along with their string of hit singles like "Fool's Gold", "Me And The Whiskey", "So So Long" and "Just A Little While" to name a few. And you get to see them and the other two bands for FREE.

Join us as Kickin' Country will be broadcasting live from the FREE Kick-Off Party this Fri, July 29th at Sports Next Level!

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