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Late last week, The Washington Post reported Apple will scan all US iPhones for child pornography in text messages and photos.

The software uses a matching technique, where photos stored on iPhones will be scanned and then compared with known child pornography. Before a photo can be uploaded to iCloud, Apple’s online storage service, it will be given a “voucher” ensuring that it is not child pornography.

The new policy from Apple will not only cover photos.

It will also scan messages sent using Apple’s iMessage service for text and photos that are inappropriate for minors. If minors receive, for instance, a photo identified as sexually explicit, it will appear to be blurred and the minor may be warned that their parents will be notified if they click on the photo.

To me personally, this is very dangerous.

This isn't big brother, but it is big corporations with too much control over personal lives and information if Apple has access to your pictures on your iPhone. No telling what else they have access to, and I imagine some hacker could get Apple's access and break into your phone and not only get your pictures, but maybe account info off your bank apps.

I use an iPhone myself. Last week I posted a blog about the turnout at Wild West Fest in San Angelo. In that blog post were a few pictures of the crowd taken on my iPhone. Some of those skimpy dressed girls in that crowd could be flagged by some algorithm as child pornography. I mean, how does the algorithm tell the difference between a 14-year-old girl and a 22-year-old girl?

I could get into legal trouble. I know I would be innocent, but to me the way they are doing this, you are guilty until you prove yourself innocent and I'd have to spend time and money to fight that. That would cost me a lot of time and trouble.

Now, I'm sure Apple is lawyered up and covered. We all click accept to the massive agreement that most of us don't even read when we download the new iOS update. Plus, Apple claims there is "a one-in-a-trillion chance of a person being incorrectly flagged" in the story. Like I'm supposed to believe that. I'm not sure that makes me feel better.

We would like to hear your reaction, your thoughts and your opinion. If you have an iPhone, will you get rid of it over this? Tell us on Facebook or chat with us on our station app.

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