What a great night for live music this Saturday, July 30th with three great bands as Muscadine Bloodline and Austin Meade open for Whiskey Myers at San Angelo's River Stage with Wild West Fest 2022.

Whiskey Myers puts it all in their music including Texas Country, Blues, and Rock and Roll, and they do it all extremely well!! This band has a wildly devoted following with its gritty authenticity!

Cody Cannon, lead singer and guitarist of Whiskey Myers says...“You can tell when somebody is faking it and you can tell when it’s real. We just bring our songs to the table and make it sound like us. We never think about it. We just try to go in and write a good song, whether it’s country or rock and roll or blues.”

They were already enjoying a lot of success before the group was featured in Kevin Costner’s TV series Yellowstone in 2018 and it wasn't just on the soundtrack, but on screen, performing in a bar!! That propelled the band’s entire catalogue into the Top 10 of the iTunes country chart.

But playing to larger and wilder crowds including audiences of more than 100,000 at the Download Festivals in London and Paris didn’t cause Whiskey Myers to change their approach. The band’s roots stretch back decades into the red dirt of East Texas, where Cannon, Jeffers and Tate first began playing together. They earned an extremely devoted local following on the strength of their 2008 debut album, Road Of Life, and then notched their first No. 1 on the Texas Music Charts with the 2011 follow-up Firewater. Each of Whiskey Myers releases has been bigger than the last!

Esquire called them "the real damn deal," while USA Today wrote that their music had “shades of Led Zeppelin and David Allen Coe.” They have taken their blistering live show across the U.S. and U.K. non-stop, sharing stages with the likes of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Hank Williams Jr. and Jamey Johnson and racking up more than 300 million streams of their songs.

Whiskey Myers continues pushing in all directions and sharpening their attack, whether country, rock, blues, whatever and always getting even better and better at doing what they do!!

Keep up with Whiskey Myers on their Facebook page and be sure to get your tickets for Saturday's show at the Riverstage through Stubwire.com.

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