The city of San Antonio is renovating the Alamo site. Part of the project is to learn all that they can about the original landmark. A team of archaeologists, digging in the plaza, made a big discovery last Friday......

Archaeologists found an adobe brick wall, dating back to the Spanish colonial era, at the Alamo site. The bricks were found just inches below the current surface and many are hoping that it is the western wall from the original Alamo Complex.

Nesta Anderson, head of the archaeological dig, says....."We can’t confirm that quite yet. We’re not convinced that it is the west wall. All we know is that it is an adobe brick wall. It could be related to another feature of the west wall. We do know there were rooms that people were living in. It may be related to those rooms rather than the compound wall.”

The archaeologists know they’re digging in the right place, though. As Anderson puts it, “There’s information to get, we’re just not sure what kind yet.”

There have been a number of Locals have been stopping by to get a look at the historical findings.

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