If you're a Texan you know how important the Alamo was in gaining our independence from Mexico. Now comes the decision to renovate the Alamo or allow this 300 year old historic land mark to basically crumble.

The Alamo now finds itself in the middle of a new fight as politicians and others argue  over a plan to renovate the Alamo that would cost around $400 million.

After undergoing some restoration, the Long Barrack, which is the oldest structure at the Alamo just reopened to the public after being closed for nearly two years. That immediately ignited fighting between politicians, city officials and the state.

The trouble started after plans for repairing and renovation were moving forward due to deterioration. Arguments started over issues like how far to take the renovations, and whether different cultural perspectives having to do with the Alamo should be included, or should it just focus on the battle back in 1836.

Some of the most heated disputes over the redevelopment of the Alamo have been over whether to relocate the 60 foot Cenotaph, also known as "The Spirit of Sacrifice",  a 1930s monument that stands on the Alamo's grounds and commemorates those who died during the 1836 battle. A proposed plan was to take the monument apart, have it restored and move it just off of the Alamo grounds to the nearby historic Menger Hotel.

Karina Erickson, spokesperson for Bush’s attorney general campaign, said in a statement...“As a proud native Texan, Commissioner Bush has been fighting to ensure that the Alamo remains standing for generations to come.” She added that under Bush’s leadership, “more has been done to tell the story of the battle of independence and that of the heroic defenders who gave the ultimate measure for liberty and freedom than any time in modern history.”

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What do you think. Should the Alamo be repaired and preserved or not? Please give us your thoughts...

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