I am a lover of Sunny Sweeney's music and I am certainly not alone. Sunny has a lot of fans who look forward to her every album release and that wait is almost over as she announces the release of her new album “Married Alone”.

I think I can safely say that Sunny Sweeney is one the most played female artist on Texas/Red dirt music stations. She certainly is on Kickin' Country 103-1. We play 10 or more of her top charting singles like: "Poet's Prayer", "Bad Girl Phase", "But You Like Country Music", "From A Table Away", "Bottle By My Bed", "Everybody Else Can Kiss My Ass" and more of her great singles. Sunny records as an independent although she could certainly jump to a major label if she so desired, but she insist on having creative control and does things her way, or she doesn’t do them at all.

Sweeney is constantly touring and burning up the highways.

It's been five years since Sunny has released an album and her fans are - to say the least, more than ready for her to offer them some new music. The new album "Married Alone" will be released on September 23rd and promoted through Thirty Tigers label. The album was produced by Paul Cauthen and Beau Beauford and showcases an extensive cast of co-writers.

Even though the album won't be released until September, below is a list of the songs that will be featured on the album:

1. Tie Me Up (Sunny Sweeney/Buddy Owens/Galen Griffin)
2. Easy As Hello (Sunny Sweeney/Lori McKenna/Heather Morgan)
3. Married Alone ft. Vince Gill (Hannah Blaylock/Josh Morningstar/Autumn McEntire)
4. Someday You’ll Call My Name (Sunny Sweeney/Brennen Leigh)
5. How’d I End Up Lonely Again (Sunny Sweeney/Channing Wilson/Josh Morningstar)
6. A Song Can’t Fix Everything ft. Paul Cauthen (Sunny Sweeney/Lori McKenna)
7. Want You To Miss Me (Sunny Sweeney/Caitlyn Smith)
8. Wasting One On You (Sunny Sweeney/Buddy Owens/Monty Holmes)
9. Fool Like Me (Waylon Payne/Kendell Marvel)
10. All I Don’t Need (Sunny Sweeney/Lori McKenna)
11. Leaving Is My Middle Name (Sunny Sweeney/ Buddy Owens/Galen Griffin/Scotch Taylor)
12. Still Here (Sunny Sweeney/Lori McKenna)

Married Alone is now available for pre-save and pre-order and will be released on September 23rd. Be sure to get your copy!!

Keep up with Sunny Sweeney here.

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