The Holiday season is here, and accordingly home deliveries are through the roof. We're all shopping online. Good people are getting their high priced electronics, clothes, motorcycle accessories, kid's clothes... hell I don't know what the hell y'all are ordering.

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But regardless of what it is that you are ordering online this Christmas, inevitably it will be left for some amount of time on your front porch. That's when those low down piece of crap porch pirates strike.

And that's where our pal Sunny Sweeney comes in. Sunny has grown tired of her packages being stolen so she has enacted a special plan to catch them. It involves bait, dog sh*t, and a brand new Ring Video Doorbell. Give it a watch up top for step-by-step instructions. Merry Christmas!

Sunny Sweeny's brand new live album, Live at the Machine Shop Recording Studio, was just released last month. The new project, which was taken from a recent live stream, has been remixed, remastered, dressed up, and is an automatic download.

And remember this holiday season to give yourself something special, the gift of nonstop Texas & Red Dirt music. The Radio Texas, LIVE! app is now available to you for FREE. Click to download now for IOS or for ANDROID. Also, give my new podcast a listen; Buddy Logan's Aircheck is available to stream or download on Spotify, Google, Tunein, anywhere fine podcasts can be found.

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