John Lopez was born and raised on a ranch in western South Dakota. He has already enjoyed a successful career as a bronze sculptor before stumbling into the art form of welded statues.......

After the loss of a beloved aunt, Lopez went to the family ranch to build a cemetery where his aunt would be interred. He ran out of material while building the gate so he visited a nearby scrap yard to find more. John used the metal he found to weld a beautiful gate and an angel for the cemetery.

The experience inspired him to do more welded artworks which are now featured all across the nation.

Below are just a few pictures of his art pieces:

"Texas Longhorn”.....Inspired by the Lone Star State, Lopez’s “Texas Longhorn” sculpture includes a guitar, a fiddle, the Alamo, and five Texas Rangers welded together with chains and gears harvested from farm equipment and scrap metal.

“Flying High”.....The inspiration came from his surroundings and cowboy lifestyle in South Dakota.


Wild West Buffalo”.....This life-sized buffalo is made from chains, circular saw blades and other farm tools and scrap metal.


Lopez says it takes him anywhere from 15 to 26 months to create one of these pieces.

Pretty amazing!