We are excited as Townsquare Media brings you another huge event on Saturday, October 3rd with 'America On Tap'. It is the ultimate beer fest and it's coming to San Angelo. I visited with Andi Markee, president/General Manager for Townsquare Media San Angelo today on the Kickin' Wake-Up Call and we talked about all aspects of the event.

We talked about how the beer fest event actually works and what you get with your ticket.

Andi gave us the rundown on how many beers and breweries will be represented with your opportunity to try their beers and hear the various vendors describe their beers to you.

We discussed how this is the perfect way to experience tasting different beers to see what you like before you go out and buy a six pack of something you don't even know if you will enjoy or not. By coming to 'America On Tap' you can find out for yourself by actually tasting these fine crafted beers, decide what you like and then go and make your purchase!

Andi also talked about how you will be supporting a great organization with the money raised from the event.

She said that we will also have games, music, and more to add to the experience of such a great afternoon filled with opportunities.

Finally, Andi gave us the information on how to purchase tickets now and be set for the big festival next Saturday.

Everyone 21 or older is invited to come and enjoy this very unique experience with 'America On Tap' being held at the San Angelo Fairgrounds from 1-6 pm next Saturday, October 3rd with Townsquare Media San Angelo.

For a complete overview of the event, check out the above video from this morning's interview on Kickin' Country 103.1.


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