We lost a musical icon when Tom Petty died on Oct. 2nd at the age of 66. Numerous artist have performed tribute songs in his memory including American Aquarium...

While performing at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, N.Y., American Aquarium paid tribute to Tom Petty as they performed Petty’s “Listen to Her Heart” during their Oct. 5 show, just 3 days after his death.

Not only that, but a band's encore usually showcases their own signature songs and American Aquarium played “Listen to Her Heart” for their encore after playing an hour-and-a-half long show at the venue.

Frontman BJ Barham you may remember, told us a while back that the original band was breaking up but that he would be back with a new band. Well he is and it didn't take him long to do it!

While introducing the song, Barham told the crowd that it is his favorite Tom Petty song.

American Aquarium is touring across the country and planning a new album titled 'Things Change', tentatively set for release in May of 2018.

Take a moment to check out the above music video to American Aquarium's performance of 'Listen to Her Heart' from their Brooklyn performance.

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