Good news today for Raleigh, North Carolina based American Aquarium. A UK magazine The Guardian put out a list of the best alt-country albums of 2015 thus far. We were super pleased to see that American Aquarium's 'Wolves' was on it.

You might remember American Aquarium from their awesome shows at Blaine's Pub, most recently this past Saturday. They are hitting the road hard, and have been having a blast doing it. And, boy, do they know how to put on a show. Not quite country, not quite rock, they have that unique sound to their music that is just irresistible. You can't walk out of one of their shows with out a tune in your head that will last for days.

They have a couple of stops left in Texas. We'll see them at Rio Frio Fest in Concan, Texas where they will be jamming with the likes of Kevin Fowler, Roger Creager, and more. Then they are going to finish up the week at SXSW in Austin this week which we think is a huge accomplishment.

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