What’s not to love about a California amusement park called Knott’s Berry Farms? With such a magical-sounding name, we can’t imagine things could ever go awry. But then again, we’re sucked in by almost anything even remotely charming.

Unfortunately, Knott’s Berry Farms has let us down.

The Windseeker, a high-flying swing attraction, can be pretty scary as is, spinning riders nearly 25mph at over 300 feet. We feel a little queasy just thinking about it! Yesterday, 20 park visitors had a little more thrill added to their ride -- they ended up stranded at the top of The Windseeker for over four hours. Now we're sweating.

We’re pretty sure situations like this occur fairly often in amusement parks (which slightly terrifies us), but this is the second time in a month the ride has stopped. Sure, it'd be fun to chill out in a 300-foot swing for approximately 15 seconds, but anything longer would scare our pants off.

No one was hurt in this incident, but we think a little chit chat with Mr. Knott is in order.

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