Look, I'm a small-town guy. I'm not anti-big city, but it does seem that folks are just ruder when the population is higher.

I was born in our capital city, but have always felt that people who live in Austin aren't as chipper than folks say in little Liberty Hill. Maybe I was on to something because according to KVUE a recent survey ranks Austin as the 16th rudest city in America.

Business Insider asked just a little over 2,0000 people which of the 50 biggest cities were the rudest and no surprise New York had the most votes in a landslide. Three Texas cities were in the top 20, with Austin at 16, Dallas at 14, and Houston at 18.

In the end, it's a small number of people and they admit it's probably based on negative stereotypes and no real data, but hey use it as a little reminder to be nice to people.



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