I interviewed Bart Crow this morning on the 'Kickin' Wake-Up Call' to talk about his new album and a lot more.

It's called 'The Parade' and it is loaded with great songs. As a matter of fact we are playing the first release from it called 'Life Comes At You Fast' which is almost up to number one now.

Starbucks is featuring one of his songs at all of their 1,000 plus locations nationwide and in the U.K.

Bart is pretty pumped after having played the Grand Ole Opry back in August. He told us about the experience.

There is even a documentary series being released called Bart Crow: Making Of 'The Parade'.

This is Bart's 5th studio album plus a live album that he released a while back.

His last album 'Dandelion' went #1 with 4 chart topping single releases from it. He hopes to surpass that with his new album and very well may"

He has teamed with a major label for national distribution on 'The Parade'

We talked about the album, his touring schedule, his musical influences early on, and also when he is coming back to San Angelo, which won't be long.

Check out this morning's interview in the above video and be sure to get your copy of 'The Parade' on sale as of today!


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