Springtime in San Angelo is something to be enjoyed. Everything is green, flowers are blooming, and it's the perfect temperature before gets too hot. This means that you'll be looking for all your gardening and lawn needs, so here are a few places in San Angelo that will help you on your way.

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    Scherz Landscape

    Scherz Landscape Co. offers a variety of services from landscaping and lawn needs, native and outdoor plants, ponds and waterfalls, patio design and construction, irrigation systems, zeroscaping, and more. They grow most of all plant material used, so they are aware of what works best in Texas. Get more information about them in the links below.

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    Olive Nursery

    Olive's Nursery has been around San Angelo for a whopping 72 years! They have a expertise in what works best in West Texas that few can boast. They provide soil preparation, water gardening, organinc gardening, landscaping, seasonal info, and more. Check out their sites in the links below.

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    Concho Natives

    Concho Natives specializes in plants that are native to Texas, and provides the Concho Valley with adaptable perennials and annuals for your garden and landscaping needs. They also offer experienced advice and consultations for those DIY projects. Check out their website and Facebook below for more information.

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    Farmer's Daughter Landscape & Garden Center

    Farmer's Daughter is a full service garden center than serves not just San Angelo, but all the surrounding areas as well. They provide landscaping design services, residential and commercial landscape projects, even outdoor kitchens and fireplaces. They know what it takes to keep a lawn and garden thriving in West Texas. Check out their links below for more information.

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    Britton's Garden & Landscape

    Britton's Garden and Landscape lives and breathes Xeriscape. They know that water can be scarce in West Texas at times, and the want to maximize the beauty of your lawn and garden with what you've got. They offer rainwater and water system expertise, landscape maintenance, and a full nursery with tons of options. Check out their website and Facebook links below for more information.

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    Home Depot

    Home Depot has everything you need to spruce up your garden, do a little landscaping, pest control, or just simply keep your grass green all season.  They also have several 'how to projects' online to walk you through a project.  For more on Home Depot, check out their Facebook and website by clicking one of the links below.

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    Lowe's Home Improvement

    Like Home Depot, Lowe's Home Improvement has everything you need to get your garden growing right.  From tools like rakes, shovels, mowers and other landscaping equipment, to soil, mulch, plants and flowers, they have everything you need for gardening and landscaping.  Plus they have easy to do online seminars and tips to make your home look cool.  For more on Lowe's in San Angelo, check out the links below.

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    Walmart Supercenter

    There are two Walmart stores in San Angelo to get your gardening supplies. Not only do they offer everything to help your garden or landscaping job look sweet, but also outdoor patio furniture and greenhouses as well.  For more on Walmart, check out the links below.
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    Like Walmart, Target offers materials for your garden plants, landscaping, and outdoor patio needs like furniture, accessories, grills, lighting, and decorations. For more on Target, click the links below.