First comes Thanksgiving, then comes looking for great deals while Shopping on Black Friday. The Better Business Bureau has a few tips to help with your shopping adventure!

Troy Baker, from the Better Business Bureau, shares his do’s and don’ts to get the most out of your holiday shopping.

For those who are heading out to the stores this year, make sure you know the store’s policies ahead of time. This includes returns, COVID-19 health requirements, and whether or not if it’s a well-known and established store, or if it’s a pop-up shop put in place just for the holidays. “Either way, going in prepared is the best way to go about your shopping,” Troy explained.

Also, with all of the stress added during these shopping trips, make sure you know where your wallet, purse, and everything in it is at all times. It’s easy to leave your credit card behind when you’re trying to keep track of everything else. “When you leave behind an item like a credit card, we hope that someone good will return it. But, in most cases, they won’t and will use it to do their own shopping,” added Troy.

When it comes to online shopping, make sure whatever website you choose, is a legit website. Scammers can actually create fake websites that require you to put in your credit card information. Troy recommends using a website that you are familiar with and have ordered something from them before.

Before you hit that purchase button, take a look at where your package will be coming from, when it will arrive, and the reviews about the company.

Lastly, as we rush to get those “great deals”, make sure that they are the “real deal”. According to Troy, if you are taking a look across each store you’ll see that there is not much difference in price. If one store offers something for significantly less, that’s a red flag… especially when it comes to electronics.

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Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Shopping for great deals on Black Friday!

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