Its the most intense day of the year and I am gonna be locked, loaded, and ready to shop and roll.


So the biggest shopping spree of the year happens in just 3 days, people from all across the nation will be lined up for days waiting to get this years hottest items at the cheapest prices. While yes I do participate in Black Friday shopping its a great time to get out and people watch. I usually find one or two items that I would like to have and thats all I purchase and I spend the rest of my day watching people fight for what they believe is the last toy that will be on the shelves for the entire year. Its quite amusing to watch people and their priories, last year I was standing in a line behind a lady who was talking on two way radios with her team of 5 members who were spaced out all across the store and town waiting on the items she had put on a list to get for Christmas.

I am definitely not that crazy about Black Friday shopping but it is definitely a experience that everyone should try one time in their lives. Check back on Black Friday I will upload some photos of my shopping and my prizes that I acquired while out shopping.

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