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The iconic Texas gas station Buc-ee's is aiming to build a new location in Texas and it could be just as large or larger than one in the works in Tennessee.

Last year it was announced that Buc-ee's would build its largest store ever in Sevierville, Tennessee. That store, when completed in summer 2023, will be 74,000 square feet of amazing Buc-ee's goodness. Currently, the largest Buc-ee's location is in New Braunfels, Texas off of I-35. That location stands at 66,000 square feet.

Texans were saddened to hear the iconic Texas business would be building the largest store outside of Texas. It just seemed wrong. In fact, the out of state grand openings of Buc-ee's had some in Texas wondering if the mega gas station and tourist attraction had forgotten about the Lone Star State.

Buc-ee's has opened locations in Alabama, Florida and Georgia. Soon they will open their first locations in Kentucky and South Carolina, with future locations planned for Colorado, Mississippi, Missouri and the largest location (for now) in Tennessee. But that doesn't mean Buc-ee's is done expanding in the Lone Star State.

In February, the City of Amarillo announced plans for a Buc-ee's location. This week the Dallas Morning News reported that Buc-ee's is looking to build another new location along I-35, possibly in the city of Hillsboro. It would be the 5th location along I-35 and in a great spot. Right where I-35E from Dallas and I-35W from Fort Worth come together.

The proposed store would come in at 74,000 square feet, which ties the location in Tennessee and is just silly. Come on, Buc-ee's -- make it just a little bit larger.

It's not a done deal just yet, according to the Dallas Morning News:

The proposed Hillsboro store has some competition, said Arthur Mann, director of community and economic development in Hillsboro. Buc-ee’s has owned land in Waxahachie for several years, but that location would lose daily traffic coming from I-35W, he said.

Buc-ee’s has been raising wages and benefits in small towns and suburbs and now has a starting wage of $15 an hour. Each store employs 175 to 200 workers, and department manager jobs start at $22 an hour.

I'm still holding out a little hope that Buc-ee's will see the error of their ways and come to Lubbock one of these days.

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