This has been something that's been going back and forth for a while now.

It started as rumors, then true, then drama, then so much more. But now we can say it's official. Buc-ee's is coming to West Texas.

The Buc-ee's legal team confirmed Tuesday, October 5th that they've closed on a property in Amarillo and expect construction to begin in 2023.

Why did this take so long? It first started with a dispute between two landowners. Then, in February, the Amarillo City Council approved the agreement for the plan of construction. In May, we reported that a dispute meant no land for a Buc-ee's was purchased. This month, it's finally happening. So the road to a Buc-ee's in West Texas has been long and riddled with potholes.

As of October 4th, 2022, Buc-ee's has purchased the land and the store will open in Amarillo once construction is done. This all has been confirmed by the Buc-ee’s legal team to They've closed on the property that landowners previously disputed.

Hopefully, no more drama will happen because I think Buc-ee's will be a great addition to West Texas even if they didn't pick Lubbock.

So what does this mean for Lubbock? It means you'll have to drive to Amarillo, which is not that far away, to enjoy Buc-ee's, or order online.

Buc-ee's sadly has no plans to open a store in Lubbock. We'll keep you updated if that changes.

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