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Most of us who have traveled up and down Interstate 35 and points east in Texas are familiar with Buc-ee's. Known for their clean restrooms and Beaver Nuggets, Buc-ee's is like a Super Walmart disguised as a roadside convenience store.

What you may not know is there are a couple of gas stations owned by a man named Saarim Damani called "Buky's". You can see a picture of one of his stations in the Google Maps image below and guess what. Yep, he is being sued by Buc-ee's.

Hennes, Rebecca
Hennes, Rebecca

According to the Houston Chronicle:

Damani is accused of trademark infringement, trademark dilution and unfair competition, among other claims. The suit claims that the similar logo potentially deceives customers into thinking Damani’s products or services “are in some manner connected with, sponsored by, affiliated with or related to Buc-ee’s.”

Damani told the newspaper that the name Buky's is a nickname given to him by his friends when he was a child. He also said to the Chronicle that he is not trying to duplicate the business model of Buc-ee's.

Yeah sure.

I mean look at that logo. It's red just like the Buc-ee's logo. Heck, even the "B" is nearly the same exact font as the one on the Buc-ee's logo. I'd say the "U" is similar too.

And with this so-called childhood nickname of Buky, this guy decides to open a business with that name and the business he chooses is a convenience store?

C'mon man!

What do you think? If you had a convenience store in Texas, would you be allowed to name it "Bucky's", color it red and say it was named after you? Probably not. Let us know what you think of this guy's attempt at it on Facebook or on our station app.

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