Texas Music artist Rich O’Toole is suing Uber and one of its drivers after being involved in a car accident in Amarillo... 

Rich alleges that his Uber driver was recklessly operating the vehicle, and he is suing for gross negligence. A press release issued by O’Toole’s law firm, Doyle LLP Trial Lawyers, states that an Uber driver was hired to drive O’Toole to an Amarillo restaurant before a show.

The driver allegedly got lost, stopped in the middle of a highway and was rear-ended by another vehicle which resulted in O’Toole being seriously injured, sustaining a neck fracture.

According to O’Toole...'emergency surgery was necessary to save me from being permanently paralyzed.' He also said 'My recovery continues to be a long one,  medically and musically.'

According to O’Toole’s lawsuit, the accident derailed his tour schedule ahead of his sixth studio album,' American Kid'. It further alleges that Uber has a pattern of  incidents like this, and says that the accident could have been seriously damaging to O’Toole’s career.

The lawsuit.....goes on to say 'While Rich O’Toole was building his career, Uber was creating a corporate behemoth by changing, and in some cases, breaking, the rules for commercial passenger transport. Uber has consistently promoted the fiction that its drivers are ‘independent contractors’ from which it can reap enormous profits while avoiding any responsibility for their misconduct.'

O’Toole filed suit against Uber in his home city of Houston. The ridesharing company has not responded to O’Toole’s allegations.

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