Are you ready to buy your next Walmart?


Walmart has partnered with multiple dealership groups with technology that allows buyers to select, finance and insure a vehicle all from one kiosk located in the store.

Customers can search for the vehicle they want, and view the average market price. Once a selection is made, the customer can process their purchase.

Beginning in April, four major American cities across America will offer CarSaver services through Walmart. They are Houston, Dallas, Oklahoma City, and Phoenix. Nearly two dozen test stores could lead the way for all 3,500 stores over the next couple of years.

Ally Financial will be the preferred lender, and customers who finance through them get a $100 Walmart gift card. CarSaver staffers will also be on hand for questions and assistance.

If you're wondering where the vehicles come from, CarSaver has partnered with local car dealerships, all within a 15-mile radius of the kiosk. When the transaction is complete at the kiosk, CarSaver will call and set up an appointment at the dealership for the customer to come in, test drive the vehicle and complete the purchase.

I guess you can get just about anything at Walmart!


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