Most artist would think twice before covering a Pink Floyd song because they are such a revered band and their sound is so unique. But Cody Jinks has a very unique sound with which to give 'Wish You Were Here' a whole different feel...

Pink Floyd is considered by many to be one of the best rock bands in history. Their music has lyrical depth, awesome instrumentation and arrangements, all combined with superb vocals, which makes it very hard to cover one of their songs successfully.

And yet, Jinks has found a way to give a great song a whole different sound.

Cody has enjoyed a very successful 2016 and is starting the new year with big things happening for him. Besides his recent album 'I’m Not The Devil' which has received rave reviews, Jinks is also selling out shows left and right. To give you an idea, he sold out three consecutive nights in Nashville, several West Coast dates From Los Angeles to Seattle, and is also picking up some major performance opportunities on Late Night National TV Shows.

Take a moment to check out Cody Jinks remake of “Wish You Were Here” in the above video!


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