Callahan Divide have had big hits on the Texas music chart.

"Stealer of the Day" made it up to #27 on TRR and their song "Pirate" was #18 on the TRR. And in a few weeks, the band will release a brand new album.

Garrett Bryan, co-lead of the band talks about the band's sound,

"Once we stopped making music that we thought everyone wanted to hear and started just making the music we wanted to make, we found our sound"

Colton Fox talks about the forthcoming single "Aliens & Ice Cream", a song he co-wrote,

"We felt with the current political climate and everything that is happening in the world today that is was the right time to release this song; it's simply put a 'let's get the hell out of dodge, turn it up load and sing a long song', it was a lot of fun to work up and record and just as much fun to perform on stage every night".

The song will be available on the band's new album 'Poplar' out on November 11. The album is produced by Jon Knudson of Whiskey Myers. So tell us Concho Valley, can you not wait to get your hands on some new Callahan Divide? Sound off and let us know in the below comment section.