Casey Donahew is releasing his sixth studio album, 'All Night Party'  today, August 19th Nationwide......

The first single is called “Kiss Me” and it features a banjo which is different for Casey. He said 'the band actually had to buy a banjo for their live set just to play that song.'

After steadily building a Texas country audience that spilled over into the Midwest, this is their first national single.  Donahew says 'it’s time to take the plunge to mainstream radio. We’re ready, it’s something that needs to be done.'

Casey says 'It’s not an easy thing for an independent artist to hire a radio team & sit down at the table with the big boys. The major labels have the battleships all lined up around the radio stations trying to keep us out, so we’ve got to try to fight through them.'

He feels confident in the new albums strength which he says 'makes all that time and money worth it, and most importantly, the band’s desire to do it on their own terms with their own sound. Songs like 'Kiss Me' have a great shot to make an impact on radio.' The 10-track album features eight songs written and co-written by Donahew.

Donahew speaks of the band’s search for mainstream success candidly. Even though he’s aware of a certain cynical attitude from some fans who don’t look fondly at mainstream country. Casey says 'the truth is, All Night Party has a chance to capture a whole crowd who loves Casey Donahew and just doesn’t know it yet. We have a strong fan base and we want to expand it with the radio. It’s the natural progression. We’ve been touring for 8 years now and watching it grow naturally. That little push you can get from major radio is a big difference.' His music career actually spans a period of 13 years.

Casey Donahew is currently touring into November and will appear at Steamboat Spring’s Music Fest in January.

Check out the above video to the first single called 'Kiss Me'!



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