Lorrie Morgan, is the first woman in country music to begin her career with three consecutive Platinum albums and she will take the stage at Murphey Performance Hall this Thurs, Aug 25th with what I am sure will be an incredible performance!

Morgan is known for her lustrous vocal phrasing and the down-to-earth believability on records such as “A Picture of Me Without You", "Something in Red" and "I Guess You Had to Be There." She is feisty and sassy on songs like "Watch Me", "What Part of No" and "Five Minutes". She has kicked up her stiletto heels in fun on her hits like "Except for Monday" and "Go Away." Lorrie has some very powerful songs and she sings with such honest emotion. She continues to match any of her earlier efforts, with an emotional range and a stage presence that is as vibrant as ever.

"I have always been a songwriter and I do love to write," she comments. "But I’m only comfortable co-writing with a few people, and I don’t like appointment writing at all. Plus, I'm not one of those people who says, 'If I didn't write it, I'm not going to record it.' If somebody else's song is better, I'm going to record it and not my own."

Lorrie Morgan is a Nashville native who made her debut on the Grand Ole Opry stage at age 13 and was inducted into the Grand Ole Opry at just 24 years old.

As you can see from her tour schedule below, Lorrie is always on stage sharing her talent somewhere!

Upcoming Dates

Thu, AUG 25.....Murphey Performance Hall.....San Angelo, TX
Fri, AUG 26.....2920 Roadhouse.....Hockley, TX
Sat, AUG 27.....Arlington Music Hall.....Arlington, TX
Fri, SEP 9.....Rutland, VT
Sat, SEP 10.....Waterville, ME
Sun, SEP 11.....Lebanon, NH
Fri, SEP 16.....Cedartown, GA
Sat, SEP 17.....North Myrtle Beach, SC
Thu, SEP 22.....Marion, IL
Fri, SEP 23.....Hot Springs, AR
Sat, SEP 24.....Hokes Bluff, AL
Wed, OCT 5.....Grand Ole Opry.....Nashville, TN
Fri, OCT 7.....Brown County Music Center.....Nashville, IN
Sat, OCT 8.....Shippensburg, PA
Fri, OCT 21.....Regina, Canada
Sat, OCT 22.....Calgary, Canada
Fri, NOV 11.....Baton Rouge, LA
Sat, NOV 12.....Hinton, OK
Sun, NOV 20.....Clearwater, FL
Sat, JAN 21, 2023.....Kansas City, MO
Thu, MAR 23, 2023.....Palm Desert, CA
Sat, MAR 25, 2023.....Santa Fe, NM
Don't miss Lorrie Morgan this Thurs, Aug 25th at Murphey Performance Hall. Tickets are available at sanangelopac.org.
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